Fox News …… covering topics mainstream media won’t

apparently this is the claim on their ads from a couple days ago.  I tried to find it again so i could put it in quotes but they changed it again.

1)  So anybody in the blogosphere want to tell me what topics or issues that Fox News covered that CNN or MSNBC or ABC or whoever don’t talk about it.  seriously, i can’t think of one.

2)  How come no one talks about PBS or NPR?  Their news coverage is excellent.  Yes they sometimes spend alot of time on human interest pieces that are probably too long for the average American attention span but their national news and world news (albeit thats really from the UK)usually is more substantive.  Bias?  they have equal numbers on their board … you can look it up.

3)  Note to fox news webpage:  please adjust the volume of your commericals to match the volume of your online content.  Seriously, do your ads really need to be that much louder than your actual content?  course there not really ads, just “shoutouts” for foxnews.  Im already on your webpage, you don’t need to scream to me to watch foxnews.

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