latest Wall Street Journal Poll

The latest Wall Street Journal Poll for May came out.  Heres some key points to me too look out for.

Question 32) A majority of non-Latino Americans (50% and above) think immigration  hurts America more than it helps.  I have nothing really intelligable to say;  I feel personal hurt and honestly ashamed.  It makes me seriously question whether I want to live in the US anymore.

Question 34)  Almost half of non-Latinos STRONGLY support the new Arizona proposition to criminalize “suspected” illegal imigrants for
not having their papers on them.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? STRONGLY
support.  I think this is a very sad result and if truely representative, marks a downward shift on American morals, values, & idealism.  

  This strong support is even more sad when you see the result of the next question in that most ppl think this will lead to racial profiling?  Q35.  So most ppl strongly support a law that they think will more than likely lead to racial profiling?!?!?!?!?  I can’t remember the last time I was this confused & disgusted.


There were many topic that were in this poll but the racial/culture results, as you can tell, deeply affected me.  I think any clear-thinking individual can see that in many ways we have taken steps backward.  I don’t understand this kind of logic unless Americans are okay with racism. 


other news:
Economy is always an issue, at least the perceived economy.  If unemployment gets around double digits, then people don’t give a cr@p about principles or values.  Its “why isnt the gov’t creating more jobs.”  The same ppl who then complain that gov’t is too big and is too involved in the “free” market.  Hmmm.. can’t have your cake and eat it too
Two:  there is a definate jump in pessimism on the fairness of the stock market.  sorry but stop whining.  you lost money.  every expert always warns you this.  This has nothing to with “corruption” or “unfair” practices.   Raise ppl to think only about output/profit and then whine they try to do this the best they can (which does mean the least jobs as you can btw).  There was nothing illegal here; nothing outlawing these products.   I’m sorry that you lost $$$.  Thats how ownership works; maybe you should pay attention.  As in terms of the stock market, the market is the most open to “everyday” Americans as i have ever heard about.  Only 20 years ago, you couldn’t trade without ridiculous high trade fees and commission.  ETF’s, mutual funds, index & bond funds.  so many investment products are now avaliabe.  I don’t get it other than its just whining.

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