Losing Values: Teamwork

This isn’t really a reaction to any specific event or news.  Its just a feeling i’ve been having for over the past 10 years.  There’s been alot of talking about losing our values.  Well there’s one value that’s I feel is being lost: TEAMWORK.

All I hear these days from proponents of “family-values” or “traditional-values” is about individualism and being against any type of organization.  Whatever happened to cooperating?  Whatever happened to team work?  Whatever happened to treating people like you want to be treated?  As a kid when we playe sports, it was all about coming together as a team to accomplish something.  Helping each other out?  thats one of the big things we were taught in Bible study!  Now when a “good Christian” wants something hes probably just a con artist   I just don’t see teamwork being part of the new family values.     We don’t talk about someone being a team player.  Why is teamwork bad now?

Worst of all, when you try to talk about team work or cooperation you are labeled a commie, a socialist, a fascist, and a traitor.  Anti-American.  So sad.  If teamwork is anti-American then the America I grew up in is surely lost. 

When I talk to the older generation, there number 1 criticism it seems to me is how the new generation are so self-absorbed, egotistical, and disrepectful.  They don’t care about their parents.  Don’t tlak to them and don’t help them out.  Its all aobut them, getting the latest iPhone, downloading the coolest music videos, etc. etc.  Its all about them and they’lll cheat their friends to get ahead.  When I hear this I hang my head in shame because they are talking about my generation and I know what they say is right.  The good majority of my “friends” would probably throw me under the bus to make a good buck.

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