generation: No Trust

This morning it was said best on “Morning Joe”  that the younger generation is the generation that does not trust ANY  institution: Corporation, Government, University, etc.  While this isnt the first time i’ve read this, it has been repeated many times and “Morning Joe” is just the catalyst for this blog

I am in this generation and this is potentially dangerous and puerile attitude.  Large organization can cause great triumphs and great disasters.  thats just how it is.  Its not going to be perfect.  This kind of attitude reeks of pretentiousness.  So arrogant, thinking “I can do better.”  While this is not everybody it is my experience that this is a good portion.  When things get bad its easier to blame organizations and ideologies.  NEWSFLASH: any organiztion is made of PEOPLE.  people are imperfect.  people make mistakes.  It doesn’t matter how you organize things, people will make mistakes.

More importantly is the lack of trust.  When you trust people, you will be let done.  Again, no on is perfect.  If you trust no one, you will not learn anything.  Good luck trying to reinvent the wheel let along Calculus.  Trust is important and lately it can be hard to trust anybody but yourself.  This is ARROGANCE, nothing but.  Do ppl need to earn your trust? yes of course but to not trust anything is a ridiculous and stupid attitude.

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