supporting the troops

Today, US soldiers seem very critical of the general populace.  Often reported are quotes from soldiers of all ranks calling on the American people to “support the troops.”   They think that Americans don’t support them and often call them “whiners.” 

This is by no means a judgement but what does this actually mean?  Everybody supports the troops monetarily; we all pay taxes.  And the monetary benefits of being a soldier are FAR BETTER than during the times of Korea or Vietnam.  Could they be better?  yeah probably but can the general populace do anything?

This leads to another issue.  Support = writing to your senators/representatitives.  No offense but I write/email/whatever my senators all the time.  Even some of the smaller issues i still send them emails.  Not once do I think my voice has ever really been heard.  By the time they are elected its over; they don’t really care about the people they represent.  Its all politics.  What the party says.  What the party stands for.  What groups of positions and special interests do I need to align myself to get reelected and funded. 

This in itself is not so bad.  This system is how our government was defined.   In a representative government, our voice is heard by who we elect and not by our stances on individual issues.   That would be a direct democracy.  good luck with that; you might want a time machine to ancient Athens.  In my experience we can.

In summary, I’m not bad-mouthing the call from soldiers for Americans to support the troops more.  I just think writing to your congressman is out-of-touch with reality.  To be fair, a soldier asking the general public to support the troops more by this means is just as whiny as the general populace whining about the war.

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