Speak out against Hate

The news is full of the “mosque”  in NYC so i guess i’ll put my 2-cents in.

First its not a mosque; its a community center.  Second, you aren’t going to 
be able to see it from WTC.

Most importantly, there is no reason to be against the building of this center except prejuidice.  Are we any better than the Nazi’s? well yes but its a slippery slope when our country begins to blame our troubles  on a specific faith or race.  I think it is our duty as American citizens to reaffirm
a)  Freedom of religion
b) Freedom of property
c)  Freedom of speech
More importantly, this country needs to affirm that we are not a tolerant country on paper only.  All religions are welcome.  We are not in a holy war, we are not in a crusade. 

Speak out against hate,  Speak up for tolerance.

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