Stop B!tching

On the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, her fill-in host went on a rant agains the Federal Reserve and the policies of Ben Bernanke, a highly respected economist. 

This rant had NO productive solutions, none whatsoever.  In fact it was terrible.  It sounded like a whiny kid who didnt get an Xbox for christmas.  The whole premise was that unemployment was high, therefore the Fed was not doing their job.  They should be doing “more.”  Of course this more was NEVER mentioned.  Exactly what should they do?  give loans directly to unemployed people?  Force job creation at banks or companies?  Seriously, what did he actually want the fed to do?  it was terrible.

this is the kind of commentary that annoys me to no end.  A host with apparently no expertise on the subject, no research, and no actual constructive criticism.   go back to b!tching about harry reid nbt being liberal enough and leave economics to ppl who know what they are talking about.

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