To Sharon Angle:     where is Frankford, TX?  I don’t think that exists… but apparently Sharia law is established there.  wtf?  Well i guess no one in Nevada would question her.

To Christine O’Donnell:  top-secret info about the chinese plot to take over the US from Non-profit missionary groups?  seriously? i didn’t know missionary groups were into espionage.  granted this was said 4 years ago but nothing shes said this year has made me believe shes made any progress.

Also the comment about the Bible is not entirely accurate.  In fact printing of the bible is allowed and has been growing large in the past decade.  The vcaveat is that they must be distributed through sanctioned churches (i.e. churches under the gov’t regulations)

Yes America,  these are the candidates we have elected … and ppl think we don’t need education reform.  Look at our candidates and their IQ’s.

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  1. 1markt says:

    I fail to see why others are incapable of seeing what you have seen. It is always a pleasure to read thoughts that are articulated well and truthful. I would like to invite you to when you have an opportunity and if moved to please leave a comment.

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