Texas state house Rep. Paul Workman’s current report card

Texas, Travis county citizens of state house district 47 elected Paul Workman (R) over incumbent Valinda Bolton (D).  This district includes the southwest part of Austin along with Bee Caves and Lakeway.  So how has he done so far?

Its still early so no committee assignments have been made.  He has authored 3 bills: HB 958, HB 1041, HB 611.   The first bill deals with damages to repairs on construction defects, limiting rewards I believe.  Certainly something advantageous for his business.   The 2nd relates to sovereign immunity (protection of state from being sued)  for contracts with states. Again probably something near and dear to his construction ventures.   The last bill  seems to restrict the power of the state government to improve its own property if a commercial service is available.  I think I see a theme here.  Is this why he was elected?

He has co-authored 7 bills: HB 175, 188, 201, 238, 250, 279, and 750.  2 on abortion (pro-life stances).  1 on concealed handguns on school campuses (pro-gun).  1 on voter ID (pro IDs).  2 on eminent domain (limiting its authority by the flip-flop request of Gov. Rick Perry).  1 last one on penalties for alcohol consumption on premises.  Workman is definitely of the social conservative stance on these.    University can not ban guns on campuses.  The creation of a “Choose Life” government revenue account (along with a license plate) funding pro-life activities.


  • a rank-and-file behind Rick Perry.  He is following Rick Perry’s “emergency” issues of eminent domain and voter ID
  • a social conservative.  He is pro-life/anti-abortion and pro-gun rights/anti-gun regulation.  He wants the state government to promote these views
  • getting his piece of the pie.  He is not funneling money to himself but he is definitely putting bills out there that are beneficial to his business
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