Wanna be President? Write a book.

I can’t remember a time when books were writing by authors instead of ghostwriters.  There was a time when the NY Times bestsellers were NOT autobiographies of WWE wrestlers or TV jockey’s rant on politics.  But thats beside the point

The new election cycle has revealed a somewhat new tactic.  Write a book!  Writing a book is a non-committal way to explore how well your chances are.  Forget polls since people are fickle anyways.  Writing books is also effortless.  Sarah Palin has written 2 books herself, kinda, well the ghost writers aren’t allow to say.  And writing a book means tours!  Tour the country, paid by the publishers, get your face out there.  You won’t have to dip into your campaign funds.  You can talk about your “book” which is most likely just the vaguest way you can explain your political ideology (or in Gov. Rick Perry’s case, your latest flavor of the month views).  Either way, its a great way to campaign and you have an alibi.  Oh no I’m not running, I’m just promoting my book to help Americans blah blah blah.   Sure you are.

Never underestimate business ingenuity.   I wonder which of the latest swath of political books is the worst?  Anybody have any thoughts?  (you have to have read it though).

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