The WMD Lie

The informant known as “Curveball” admitted today on the Gaurdian that he fabricated information that led to the US-led invasion of Iraq.  Specifically, the nomadic bio-weapons labs seem to be a hoax.  This information was part of Colin Powell presentation to the UN from a reliable source, a fact.  Well just because someone says its a fact doesn’t make it true (notice every politician say “the fact of the matter is”).   Interestingly enough, I only saw CBS and MSNBC cover this news.  CNN and FOX were both absent of this coverage.  I’m surprised by CNN lack of coverage; i guess they felt it was old news.

I hope this revelation will push people to get their government to investigate this.  We are almost a decade removed from this invasion.  Our soldiers died based on lies.  We owe it to them and the community as a whole to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  I implore you to ask your government representative to start a real investigation.  How much to blame is there to the state department, department of defense, CIA, etc.  Was it just bad intelligence?  We, as citizens of the US, should demand these answer.

To be clear, I’m not asking to bring charges up.  I’m not trying to get Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney in prison (which would be highly unlikely).  I want to know how our intelligence was so wrong.  I would hope everyone in this country would want us not to go to war based on lies and hearsay.  To this date, I don’t think any normal citizen knows what truly went so wrong.

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