Science & Religion

Last updated 25JAN2011

An indepth look into the real and mythical conflict of religion and science.

While there may be some cases where scientific facts contradict religious doctrine, in general I see very little conflict.  The source of this no conflict is that religious dogma does not revolve on the mechanisms of nature (which is what science is).  For instance, Jewish and Christian beliefs first focus on monotheism (one God or one higher God above all others).  This emphasis is historical in nature.   Secondly, Christian dogma also revolves on salvation from God through Jesus, etc. etc.  The point is, religious dogma rarely concerns the mechanisms of nature.  Therefore, there really is no overlap.  How silly would it be for religious dogma to include “the world is flat” or “the universe expands due the coupling of matter-energy to curvature of space-time.”  That’s not really the point of religion.

That doesn’t mean that religion doctrine or scientific results have not conflicted with each other.  But theres a difference between doctrine and dogma.  Doctrines are not fundamental.  They are religious leaders conclusions on applying religious teachings (not necessarily and quite often not dogmatic) to current issues.  Church doctrines do change over time just as scientific knowledge and consensus change over time.

Evolution vs Creationism?
This issue is the big one.  Rather than some long-winded statement of what evolution is and what creationism is, I will come to the crux of the issue.  I

Modern Cosmology/Geology vs. Creationism



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